“Ambition, Aspiration, Excellence”

All partners have a passionate belief in developing and nurturing the aspirations of their learning communities and in securing excellence in all aspects of their work.

The following principles define our ethos and help us to ensure that our actions and decisions complement the vision of the Trust.

We will aspire and excel by:

  • Providing the highest quality of educational experiences so that all learners can secure the highest possible outcomes.  We want them to become inquiring, knowledgeable, resilient and caring young people with the ability to contribute to the world in which they live;
  • Offering an inclusive and personalised approach to learning. We will promote equality and develop the sense of community and worth which is vital for personal growth and development;
  • Fostering creativity and innovation in both staff and students.  There is an investment in professional development for staff so that students can benefit from new ideas and strategies.   Equally, learners themselves are encouraged to become independent and to be enterprising and entrepreneurial in their approach;
  • Demonstrating an unrelenting commitment to collaboration.  We recognise and celebrate our diversity whilst working together to create a physical, intellectual and emotional environment where all partners can thrive and pursue the Trust’s vision of aspiration and excellence.




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