Admissions Policy 2023-24.docx
Admissions Policy 2022-23 (updated 1-Sept-21)
Admissions Policy 2021-22 (updated 1-Sept-21)
Attendance Policy Appendix:  COVID-19

Charging & Remissions Policy, V2. Sept 2020

Combined Data Protection and FOI Policy GDPR compliant

Complaints Procedure – V5. September 2021

Equality Objectives

Exclusions Policy (updated 1-June-20)
Exclusions Policy Appendix E: COVID-19

Finance Policy, V6 Sept 2020

JMAT Handbook for Trustees and LGBs

ICT Policy  GDPR compliant

Modern Slavery Statement

Privacy notice – trustees, local members, volunteers – July 2021
Privacy notice-applicants-July 2021
Privacy notice-parents own data-July 2021
Privacy notice-parents-their child’s data-July 2021
Privacy notice-pupils-July 2021
Privacy notice-workforce-July 2021
Appendix A, Privacy Notice, Coronavirus

Risk Management Policy

Record Retention Policy

Relationships, Sex and Health Education Policy (v1. July 2021)

Safeguarding and Child Protection. V6 March 2022
APPENDIX G – COVID-19 -V.2 1.9.20

Safer Recruitment Policy.doc (v5)

Single Strategy Policy (Pupil Premium and Recovery Premium)

Vexatious Policy (V2. May 21)

Whistleblowing Policy (v2. July 2021)

A further number of JMAT policies relating to employment and school improvement are available in JMAT schools.





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